Photoshop, Procreate, and Cinema 4D

Elaine Lee

In these style frames, we demonstrate how music can give us confidence and make us feel more powerful than ever. Our story focuses on animal characters that exist in an unconventional food chain. In this world, carnivores are now the pets of herbivores and are considered weak. Our main character, Pet Lion, has forgotten about how strong his ancestors used to be. As Pet Lion gets instant access to his favorite music, he awakens his instinct and feels empowered to become the king.

Taking inspiration from the execution of flat colors with hard light and shadow forms, we incorporated playful color palettes and shape language into our styleframes.


Storyboard Process

Starting with line sketches of our storyboard, we established values and then flat colors before diving into details.

3D Process

When it came to the details of our execution, we used Cinema 4D as a guide. We quickly blocked out the environment, placements of the characters, and in this case, flying objects to help us get the perfect perspective and scale. This was our most essential tool and was very beneficial for our workflow. It helped us illustrate without struggling with perspective.